Merzouga to Zagora 5 days moto tour

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Experience a thrilling Merzouga to Zagora 5 days moto tour. Traverse the captivating terrain, starting from Merzouga and venturing toward Zagora. Over the course of the journey, you will witness awe-inspiring landscapes, including the mesmerizing Sahara desert. Immerse yourself in the rich culture of the region as you visit traditional villages and encounter the nomadic Berber communities inhabiting the Sahara. Discover hidden oases that adorn the vast expanse, offering moments of tranquility amidst the desert’s allure.

Itinerary of Merzouga to Zagora 5 days moto tour:

Day 1: Merzouga » Begaa » Saf-Saf » Erfoud

During the initial day of our 5-day motorbike expedition starting from Merzouga, we will embark on a journey to discover the Erg Chebbi dunes, navigating through Morocco’s magnificent sandy landscapes of the Sahara. Additionally, we will have the opportunity to visit Khamlia village, immersing ourselves in the enchanting sounds of Gnawa music. Subsequently, we will traverse the vast dunes until we reach Begaa, the last village before the border with Algeria. Our next destinations include the Tisrdmine oasis, followed by Safsaf, where we can relish a delightful picnic lunch beneath the soothing shade of trees. Finally, we will make our way to Erfoud, where we will find accommodation for the night in a hotel, complete with a dinner arrangement.

Day 2: Erfoud » Jebal Mdawar » Aferdou » M'harech

Following our morning meal, we commence the second day of our 5 days motorcycle excursion from Merzouga to Zagora by embarking on an exploration of El Borj and the Jbal Mdawar range. We traverse a scenic mountain route until reaching Afrdou, a peak bearing a striking resemblance to a traditional Moroccan Tajine. After a short pause, our journey resumes as we make our way to Mharech, venturing through the enchanting Bourika oasis.

Day 3: M'harech » Maader » Oumjran » Zagora

After breakfast, we embark on a journey to Zagora, tracing the path of the Paris-Rally Dakar route across the pristine expanse of the Sahara desert. Along the way, we encounter ancient settlements and encounter the indigenous Berber nomads who call the Sahara their home. Additionally, we take the opportunity to explore various oases dotting the landscape. Zagora awaits us, where we will indulge in a delicious dinner and spend the night.

Day 4: Zagora » Nkob » Alnif

In the morning, we embark on a journey to Nkob, a renowned Berber village recognized for its impressive collection of 45 kasbahs. Our route takes us through the picturesque Draa valley until we reach Nkob, where we indulge in a traditional Berber lunch. Following this, we explore one of the village’s stunning kasbahs before continuing our drive towards Tazarine’s palm grove. From there, we make our way to Alnif, a scenic path nestled between the majestic mountains of Djbel Saghro and Djbel Ougnat. Alnif serves as our overnight destination, where we enjoy a delightful dinner in a hotel.

Day 5: Alnif » Rissani » Merzouga

We will leave Alnif and head towards Tazoulayt and Rissani, which is a customary desert town known for its captivating local market that occurs thrice a week. During our visit, we will make a stop at the Molay Ali Chrif Mausoleum and also take the opportunity to discover Rissani’s traditional market. Following a satisfying lunch, we will proceed to Merzouga, where our 5-day motorbike tour from Merzouga to Zagora will conclude.

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