best motorbike tour agency in Morocco

Why we are the best motorbike tour agency in Morocco?

Morocco Motorcycle Tours stands out as the best motorbike tour agency in Morocco for several reasons:

Exclusive Focus on Motorbike Tours

Unlike general travel agencies, we specialize solely in motorcycle tours. This exclusive focus allows us to dedicate all our resources, expertise, and attention to delivering the best motorcycling experiences in Morocco.

High-Quality Motorcycles

We take pride in our fleet of KTM 450 motorcycles, renowned for their performance and reliability. These bikes are specifically chosen for their ability to handle Morocco's diverse terrain, from challenging off-road trails to winding mountain roads.

Emphasis on Safety

Safety is paramount to us. We have stringent safety protocols to ensure our riders' well-being. Our guides are trained in first aid and are equipped with emergency communication devices. We conduct comprehensive safety briefings before each tour, educating riders on riding techniques and safety measures.

About Our Best Motorbike Tour Agency

best motorbike tour agency in morocco

Morocco Motorcycle Tours is a premier motorcycle touring company situated in the beautiful Moroccan town of Merzouga. We specialize in thrilling and spectacular motorbike tours over Morocco’s stunning landscapes and have a passion for adventure and motorcycles. Our fleet of high-performance KTM 450 motorcycles ensures an enjoyable ride while experiencing this magnificent country’s diverse landscape and rich cultural heritage.


Our objective at Morocco Motorcycle Tours is to provide motorcycle enthusiasts with the opportunity to embark on extraordinary journeys through Morocco’s beautiful landscapes. We want to give our clients an unforgettable experience by mixing the thrill of riding with the discovery of Morocco’s hidden beauties. We aim to provide our riders with lifelong memories by allowing them to immerse themselves in Morocco’s natural beauty and diverse culture.

What We Offer To Our Clients

  1. Guided Motorcycle Tours: We offer guided motorcycle tours led by skilled and knowledgeable tour operators who are passionate about bikes and Morocco. Our excursions are designed for cyclists of all ability levels, allowing everyone to participate in the journey. Whether you are a novice or an experienced rider, we have a tour to suit your needs and interests.
  2. Customized Itineraries: We recognize that each rider has different tastes and interests. As a result, we provide the option to build itineraries based on individual needs. From desert treks to mountain trails, our staff can create an amazing journey just for you.
  3. KTM 450 Motorcycles: We take satisfaction in employing dependable and high-performance KTM 450 motorcycles for our excursions. These motorcycles are well-known for their agility, power, and durability, making them ideal for navigating Morocco’s various terrain. Our motorcycles are serviced and maintained on a regular basis to ensure peak performance and safety.
  4. Accommodation and logistics: We handle all of the details, including lodging in comfortable and genuine establishments along the tour itineraries. In addition, we manage logistics such as airport transfers, lunches, petrol, and support cars, so riders can relax and enjoy the experience.

Our Motorcycle Adventure Tours

best motorbike tour agency in morocco

Moto KTM Tours From Merzouga

With Merzouga Moto KTM Tours, experience the excitement of an off-road adventure. Discover the vast dunes of the Sahara Desert, strenuous mountain hikes, and isolated communities.
Motorcycle Adventure Tours

Motorbike Tours From Ouarzazate

Enjoy exhilarating motorcycle tours. Explore Morocco's magnificent scenery from Ouarzazate. Travel through the Sahara Desert, via mountain roads, and learn about the region's rich cultural legacy.
Morocco Motorcycle Tours

Motorcycle tours From Marrakech

Discover the exhilaration of Marrakech motorcycle rides. Discover stunning scenery, meandering roads, and colorful culture. Explore the Sahara Desert's hidden treasures.
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