4 days moto tour from Ouarzazate to Merzouga


This 4 days moto tour from Ouarzazate to Merzouga offers a fantastic adventure through Morocco’s beautiful scenery, rich cultural past, and warm local friendliness. This journey is likely to be a thrilling and unforgettable adventure for motorcycle enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike, with a combination of off-road and on-road riding, visits to historic locations, and rich cultural encounters.

Itinerary of 4 days moto tour from Ouarzazate to Merzouga:

Day 1: Ouarzazate » Zagora

75 kilometers of asphalt get us to the start of the piste after we pick up our gear and bikes from our shop. After a brief coffee, we hit the dirt on a lovely flowing hilly circuit that becomes increasingly bumpy and demanding over the morning. At the end of the morning, a high and rocky mountain pass. A picnic lunch on the path

In the afternoon, the mountains become increasingly canyon-like before a stunning plunge down the side of a canyon puts us out into the Draa Valley. A wonderful piste runs through the ancient mud-walled villages of this famed region, though there is the alternative of following the support car on the road to the hotel in Zagora.

Day 2: Zagora » Tafraout Sidi Ali » Ramlia » Ouzina » Merzouga

On the second day of our 4-day moto KTM tour from Ouarzazate, we will travel to Tafraout Sidi Ali, where you will witness the beauty of the desert surroundings. After that, we’ll continue our safari to Ouzina village via Ramlia village. You will have the opportunity to learn about local culture. After a few hours of rest, we’ll head to Merzouga. You may unwind, enjoy a picnic, and soak up the desert solitude here.
We’ll continue our journey to Taous in the afternoon. We’ll go for a walk to explore the area before heading to Merzouga, where our incredible motorcycling journey will come to an end.

Day 3: Merzouga » Rissani » Alnif » Tinghir

You will depart Merzouga after breakfast and travel 215 kilometers to Tinghir. The day’s excursion will take you through the breathtaking scenery of southern Morocco. You’ll pass via Rissani, a medieval town famous for its traditional markets and ancient ruins. You may tour the ruins of the old city of Sijilmassa and learn about the region’s history and culture by visiting the local souks.
You’ll then bike to Alnif, a little village known for its vibrant traditional mud-brick architecture. Take a break by visiting the local markets, meeting friendly locals, and learning about traditional Berber culture.

Finally, you will arrive at Todra Gorge, a spectacular gorge carved by the Todra River. You may walk along the riverbank, marvel at the sheer rock walls, and unwind in the tranquil atmosphere of this natural wonder. Spend the night in Tineghir.

Day 4: Tinghir » Skoura » Ouarzazate

On the final day of your motorcycle trip, you’ll return to Ouarzazate by retracing your ways through the Rose Valley and the Atlas Mountains. As you ride back to Ouarzazate, you’ll have the opportunity to visit additional cultural sites, meet friendly locals, and take in the changing landscapes. When you return to your starting point, you’ll bid farewell to your tour guide and fellow riders, putting your 4-day guided motorcycling tour to a close.

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